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STAYCOOL is the best tasting, healthiest and fastest growing Premium Breath Freshener Spray in UK, Europe and Asia! Our stylish and trendy design make STAYCOOL the perfect new lifestyle product! Forget about boring mints and chewing gum, STAYCOOL is the faster new way to freshen your breath.

STAYCOOL is very effective at maintaining oral hygiene on the go! It contains an antibacterial agent clinically proven to eliminate bad breath (known as halitosis), odours and germs.

STAYCOOL has developed multiple flavours in order to suit all taste preferences from Cool Mint, Spearmint, Strawberry to more exotic flavours such as Cardamom, Cinnamon and Chocolate Mint! Each flavour has a pleasant taste to certainly get your taste buds going and your mouth feeling instantly refreshed. Discover your favourite flavour today!

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